MoinX is no longer actively maintained since the author no longer uses the software. I suggest you go for the MoinMoin Desktop Edition which runs nicely on OS X. The added benifit is that upgrading later to a dedicated server is really trivial (2009-03-12).


MoinX is a Mac OS X desktop Wiki, built with ease of use in mind and rich with features. MoinX gives you a full blown and unmodified MoinMoin wiki without forcing you to run a full blown web server. Instead MoinX is bundled with the high performance Twisted web server.

To summarise: MoinX is ideal for keeping notes and howtos, organising links and much more. Whenever I was looking into something new and it took me some time to figure out how it works, I wrote some short notes about it. Of course I do this with MoinX.

Here is a typical screenshot showing the status menu of MoinX (you can customise how MoinX will be displayed on the desktop: In the dock, in the Status bar, or both). Installing MoinX works like with any OS X application. You simply move the app wherever you like start using it.

Screenshot of the statusmenu item
MoinX status menu

The preferences dialog allows you to choose who will be able to access your wiki over the network. In addition you can specify how MoinX will be displayed on your desktop and you can customise certain aspects of the underlying wiki engine:

Screenshot of the preferences dialog
MoinX preferences

You can choose how your wiki can be reached over the network:

  1. A private wiki is only available on the local computer; it can't be accessed over the network; this is ideal if you keep private data in your wiki; (technically: it listens on
  2. A public wiki is available to anyone who has access to your computer over the network; this can be used to make information available to others or to work together in collaboration; (technically: it listens on all addresses).
  3. A custom wikis availability depends on your network infrastructure. Here you may enter any valid IP address of your local computer and the wiki engine will listen on that address.


MoinMoin users may already know, that it is important to backup the "data" directory of the wiki. MoinX gives you an export function to easily export your relevant wiki data into a normal »tar.gz« file, which can be moved across installations. The import feature works in the opposite direction: it imports pages which were exported to an archive file earlier.


MoinX currently has support for the following languages:
English, German.

The wiki engine (MoinMoin) has support for many more languages. All wiki pages in languages other than English and German have been removed to reduce the download size. (I will include them upon user request.)


A discussion group is available to answer questions and to discuss MoinX. You can find it on Google Groups.

If really something really breaks then...


A collection of Frequently asked questions is maintained on the development site of MoinX.


Version 1.0.3
Bugfix release:

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard compatibility. This version may not run on OS X 10.4 Tiger (untested).

Version 1.0.1
Bugfix release:

Fixed a I18N1 issue with non ASCII characters in the preferences (thanks to Roger Åberg who first noticed this issue).

Version 1.0
Initial release


MoinX requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later. The latest version of MoinX can be fetched here: MoinX 1.0.1 (dmg), → Changes.

Important: MoinX 1.0.1 is NOT OS X 10.5 Leopard compatible.
A fixed version is available for Leopard users: MoinX 1.0.3, → Changes.

Please ignore the message that a newer version (1.0.1) is available when using this version of MoinX.

A updated version of MoinX including the latest 3rd party packages is in development and will be released soon (as of 2007-12-15).

The source code is accessible via GIT on the development site. SVN on the development site.

Older Versions:
MoinX 1.0 (dmg)

Please donate to either MoinMoin, twisted or libarchive if you want to support the project.


MoinX is distributed under the Apache 2 License.

That is the cocoa code, the build system, the project setup, but not the MoinMoin wiki engine, the Twisted framework and libarchive.

MoinX is distributed in binary form with MoinMoin and Twisted to ease installation for end users. Please note that the whole application consists of several parts that fall under different licenses.

MoinMoin and Twisted are distributed in source form with different licenses. MoinMoin is distributed under the "GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE" Version 2.

Twisted is distributed under the "GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE" Version 2.1.

libarchive is distributed under the BSD license.


MoinX is brought to you by Marcus Geiger. Feel free to contact me at, but please first check support.